LivestreamQuick Look: In a streaming media world where most content providers are offering ever bigger libraries of video on demand, Livestream takes a different tack by offering us a Roku channel that streams only live events. The Roku channel provides a listing of "Featured Live Now" offerings as well as information on upcoming events in the categories of Music, Sports, Fashion, Technology, Entertainment, Conferences, Competition, Non-Profit & Activism, and Other. However, for a full listing of live events you will need to visit the Livestream website. There you will find 20 categories of interest areas that include gaming, science, news, and animals & wildlife, and others.

Register for a free Livestream website account and you can select interest areas that you wish to follow. Livestream will then suggest events in those categories, and you can elect to receive e-mail reminders about events from specific channels. The Livestream Roku channel does not sync with your Livestream account, so your website selections won't transfer over to the Roku channel. The Roku does offer a search function, though, so if you find something on the website and it's not listed as a featured event on Roku, just search.

At the time that I previewed this channel, most of the 19 featured live events were local newscasts from around the US, including Indianapolis, Austin, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas. Upcoming music events included Jazz at Lincoln Center and Streaming Cafe performances by Kalle Mattson and The Bros. Landreth. Sporting events included National Rugby League matches, Formula DRIFT races, and boating. Most entertainment events were TimesTalks interviews with various celebrities.

-- Information is current as of September 6, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Livestream is the premiere place to WATCH LIVE EVENTS on your Roku

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