Indie Filmmaking Collective

Quick Look: Don't be confused by the "IFC" logo for this channel, this is not popular IFC television channel found on pay TV. The channel is full of independent films that premiered at numerous film festivals around the world, as well as vintage television programs and movies. There are over 200 titles available in the following categories:

  • A Tun of Fun - 56 Titles featuring original content and vintage television and movies
  • Docs that learnt me Goot - 38 documentary films
  • Feature Films and TV - A collection of 74 entries, vintage television and cinema
  • Banger, Mash N' Brits - 20 original movies and shorts
  • Staff Picks - 61 videos in various genres
  • Roots - 21-part series
  • Health, Yoga & Sprots - 26 "Exercise at home" fitness videos

-- Information is current as of April 3, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: It's all here, indie films and tv that will blow your mind.

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DEVELOPER: Apple Pie Films

FEES: None