iDream TV family channel

iDream TV family channel carries 11 live streams of entertainment (descriptions adapted from iDream channel):

  • Comfy TV2 - Family programming that includes Hollywood movies & series, both new & old, sports, music, weekend cartoons and news.
  • iHOlyfield TV Family Channel - Staple urban family movies, all-star cast series, great comedies, detective shows, western series, music entertainment and World Cup championship sports.
  • iSciFi TV2 - Science Fiction Off Network, original TV movies & series, from thrillers to space ships, aliens to comedy.
  • iShe TV2 - Romantic adventures, comedy, drama packed with action, lifestyle, celebrity entertainment, and news. A touch of Classics with fresh new Hollywood movies & series to satisfy our female audiences, yet the entire family can enjoy.
  • iTown TV - A variety of traditional dramas, mysteries and thrillers.
  • KoolToonz TV - Newest way to escape from real to surreal; something for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Movie Giants TV - Epic Movie Channel
  • Real Family TV Network - Classic movies & TV shows with original content
  • Veteran Success TV Network - Entertainment, education, awareness and support for military, veterans, family & friends.
  • Winnie's World Kids - Toddlers, tweens, teens and family entertainment, full of adventure, action excitement and learning new things.
  • Youth Success TV Network - Full of adventure, action excitement and learning new things; positive reinforcement and resolving real-time issues.

-- Information is current as of May 12, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Family programming that includes epic Hollywood movies and series, both encores and premieres. Kids, Tweens and Teens feature movies and series. Reality and original programming as well. A variety of niche and mainstream networks for the entire family to enjoy! 24-hrs a day!

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DEVELOPER: Holyfield TV Developer

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