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Icons of Horror Boris Karloff provides ad-free streaming of 12 films and TV shows in which horror icon Boris Karloff appears. Karloff is not always a major player - in Dynamite Dan, for example, he appears only briefly at the beginning and end of the film - but any true fan will want to watch all the films in which Karloff is an actor. The videos available on this channel are listed below and range from silent films of the 1920s through a low-budget Mexican horror film released in 1971.

  • The Return of Andrew Bentley (1961) - An episode from Season 2 of the TV series "Thriller" in which a white magic practitioner kills himself after securing his nephew's sworn promise to guard his body against evil spirits.
  • The Ghoul (1933) - An ancient Egyptian returns to punish those who violated his tomb.
  • Doomed to Die (1940) - A large sum of money disappeared from a ship before it was sunk and a shipping magnate is found dead. The detective James Lee Wong investigates.
  • The Fatal Hour (1940) - Master sleuth Mr. Wong (Boris Karloff) and a newswoman (Marjorie Reynolds) help a police captain (Grant Withers) catch a killer.
  • Dynamite Dan (1924) - A silent film about a young dockworker who is framed for a robbery he did not commit by his foreman, gangster Tony Garcia who is played by Boris Karloff and only appears in the beginning and end of the film.
  • The Bells (1926) - A silent film in which an innkeeper murders a wealthy guest to pay off his debt, but his conscience will not allow him to get away with the crime so easily.
  • Juggernaut (1937) - Dr. Sartorius (Boris Karloff) schemes with a British tycoon's wife to give her titled husband a lethal injection.
  • Sabaka (1953) - Gunga Ram, a young Indian boy, swears vengeance on the members of a religious death cult that murdered his sister Indria and her husband and sets out with a pet tiger and a trained elephant to destroy the evil cult of Sabaka's fire shrine.
  • Isle of the Snake People (1971) - On a small remote island, beautiful native girls are transformed into zombies by a sinister snake dancer.
  • King of the Wild (1931) - A serial film about American adventurer Richard Grant, who is falsely accused of murdering an Indian noble and escapes to Africa in search of diamond field and the real culprit.
  • Island Monster (1954) - An Italian government agent is assigned to break up a drug smuggling ring on the island of Ischia but his daughter is kidnapped by the gang.
  • The Ape (1940) - A doctor needs spinal fluid to help a wheelchair-bound patient use her legs again; when an ape escapes from a circus, the doctor kills it and uses the ape's body as a suit while he kills townspeople in a crazed attempt to get more spinal fluid.

If you don't mind ads, most (if not all) of these videos are also available for free on YouTube, and on some other streaming services like Tubi. But if you plan to watch the entire roster, it's worth the one-dollar price for ad-free viewing.

-- Information is current as of October 25, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: A film portfolio highlighting prolific actor/horror icon Boris Karloff. Includes 12 features: Thriller: The Return of Andrew Bentley, The Ghoul, Doomed to Die, The Fatal Hour, Dynamite Dan, The Bells, Juggernaut, Sabaka, Isle of the Snake People, King of the Wild, Island Monster & The Ape! Ad free!

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