IceMan Golf

IceMan Golf provides on-demand streaming of the International Long Drive Championship Series, a 26-episode made-for-television golf series. According to the IceMan website, "Professional and/or amateur golfers advance from hundreds of fully serviced local qualifying events sanctioned by Golf Long Drivers International (GLDI). Local Qualifying, Nationals and Regional Championship events are staged at golf courses and practice facilities in several countries worldwide. Winners from local qualifying then proceed to their countries Championship Final, the crown jewel in the National Team selection process for men, women and senior men. Each countries national team comprises of 5 hitters, 3 men, 1 woman and 1 senior man who compete in divisional classifications and collectively as a national team."

The channel also carries episodes of the Caribbean Offshore Powerboat Championship Series, which "showcases open and closed canopy powerboat racing and includes high profiled celebrity interviews and events. A detailed look behind the scenes features the affluent lifestyles associated with the offshore racing community while informative boat and performance segments built to hold viewers. Powerboats reaching speeds of 150+ mph battle it out for dominance, bragging rights and top honors."

-- Information is current as of December 236, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: For as long as there have been golfers, there have been those who measure success and golf ability not by what one scores, but by how far one hits the ball. The International Long Drive Championship Series is an exciting 26 episode “Made for Television” golf series profiling the world’s most powerful hitters and long ball teams, in an internationally sanctioned and approved competition format.

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DEVELOPER: Television Syndication

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