Huntflix is a streaming service dedicated to hunting, with a focus on international locations. Series include (descriptions courtesy of Huntflix):

  • Wild Argentina - The most spectacular series recorded to date by the Young Wild Hunters. La Pampa, Argentina will be the chosen territory for a new adventure in which Ignacio and Gonzalo will face immense deer and tough antelopes, with failures, despair and moments of happiness.
  • 6,000 feet plus - Young Wild Hunters embarks on a new adventure crossing borders in search of the most emblematic animals on the planet. The hunt will take them from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan in search of the Marco Polo, to the arid plains of Mexico and its elusive deer.
  • Afrikan Secrets - Six amazing episodes in which we rejoin the Young Wild Hunters to learn, this time, 'Afrikan secrets'. Hunting in the Black Continent is, without a doubt, one of those dreams that every hunter carries inside and wants to fulfill throughout his life. In the company of these young hunters we will discover new cultures, new species and new hunting techniques.
  • Extreme Hunting - Each documentary will travel through different ecosystems to hunt some of the most significant trophies of the hunting scene. From antelopes or African elephants to Turkish wild boars, the sands of the desert and the snow of the mountains will be landscapes that will accompany us in this unique experience in which we will see that hunting goes far beyond shooting a game.
  • Pro-Hunters - The figure of the professional hunter has many nuances, in most countries has evolved into an activity of management, improvement and conservation of habitats thanks to the population control they carry out, for all this and for many more reasons their presence is essential. Huntflix shows their work in this series.

Those are just a few of the available shows. You can browse all content within the Huntflix Roku channel or at A promotional video for Huntflix can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of November 11, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Thousands of hours of on-demand hunting. Live all the excitement of hunting with the best international app for videos and series of hunting. What do you find in Huntflix? Passion for hunting. Adventure and tradition, in the most complete offer of hunting documentaries worldwide. New releases every day. Continuous released of films and series

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