Hopscotch the Globe

Hopscotch the Globe Quick Look: Hopscotch the Globe is hosted by Kristen Sarah and Siya Zarrabi, who travel the globe finding new and exciting activities around every corner. The videos focus more on non-traditional activities like the Buffer Festival in Toronto, Street Art in Hamburg, Germany, trying Capoeria, or meeting the "Real Santa Claus" in Finland.

The videos are categorized by destination or activity:

  • Canada Travel Guide
  • Central America Travel Guide
  • France Travel Guide
  • Finland Travel Guide
  • Germany Travel Guide
  • Hawaii Travel Guide
  • Israel Travel Guide
  • New York Travel Guide
  • Toronto Travel Guide
  • Travel Tips
  • Adventure Activities
  • Art Travel
  • Culinary Experience
  • Eateries
  • Festivals and Events
  • Hiking and Trekking
  • Hotels
  • Spas and Resorts
  • Shopping Places
  • Travel Fitness
  • Travel Products

-- Information is current as of February 27, 2015

Developer's Channel Description:This is an out-of-the-box, off-the-beaten-path, travel channel. I film my crazy adventures around the world, give travel tips and advice in a fun and comedic way. Enjoy and happy travels.

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

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