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Quick Look: Home Improvement Projects features DIY projects for all levels of craftsmen. Here you will find 50 videos for home projects of varying degrees of difficulty. Videos range in content from simple quick fixes in drywall to removing load bearing walls and everything in between. The 50 videos are not categorized, but some of the videos include applying veneer stone to a concrete wall, hanging wall paper, assembling IKEA furniture and hanging kitchen cabinets. Other more technical videos discuss removing load bearing walls, making cabinets and framing walls.

Below is a list of professionals who have contributed content to this channel. Other projects are available on their YouTube channels.

Remember that this work is performed by professionals who make it look easy. Some of the projects shown on this channel require building permits and or using a licensed contractor. Keep that in mind before you start knocking out load bearing walls, cutting pipes and running wire.

Below is one of the many videos available.

-- Information is current as of February 21, 2019

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