Hogoworm Dungeon Lite


This is the classic Snake video arcade game from the 1970s, updated for the Roku. Using your remote's up-down and left-right buttons, you control the direction of your worm's movement, directing it around the screen to gobble up treasures. Each treasure causes your worm's length to grow. You have to gather up all of the treasures on the screen to move onto the next level. If your worm bumps into a wall or its own body, you have to start that level from the beginning. On some levels, you must grab a key to unlock a solid wall in order to gather treasures behind the wall. Other levels include a colored key, which will immediately unlock the corresponding lock when you grab it. And don't run head-on into a red spider, or it's game over. If you pick up a sword first, though, you can use it to kill the spider.

The developer's description of deep underground dungeons might have you believe that you'll be immersed in a graphics-filled otherworldly adventure game like Myst, but the graphics are pure 70's arcade. That doesn't matter, though. It's a simple game that can be difficult to master, especially when the red spider comes out. I loved the DOS-based version of this game on the PC, and I spend too much time playing Old Snakey in Gmail. My only complaint is that the game response is slower on the Roku than on the computer. This shouldn't be a surprise, but it takes a little getting used to. Success depends on being able to make quick turns, and even advanced planning doesn't make up for the slight delay when you have to do a quick 90-degree turn.

This is still a fun game, though - one that I highly recommend if you like simple arcade games of this type. Hogoworm Dungeon is offered on two channels. Hogoworm Dungeon Lite is free and provides 10 levels of play. The full version of Hogoworm Dungeon is only 99 cents and can be purchased directly from your Roku player through the Channel Store (read this article if you have not yet set up your Roku account for on-screen purchases). With the full version you get 50 games levels of increasing difficulty, plus an unlimited random-ply mode where you eat as much treasure as possible in an attempt to get a high score.

Developer's Channel Description: You are a worm, delving deep into underground dungeons in search of adventure. Eat treasure, grab keys to unlock new areas, and use swords to battle spiders. This lite version has 10 puzzle levels… the full version has 50+ and unlimited random play mode.


FEES: $0.99 one-time purchase for Hogoworm Dungeon, no charge for Hogoworm Dungeon Lite