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Quick Look: Health Is Wealth Network on Roku is a collection of YouTube videos thrown into random categories that often have little if any relationship to the video content. For example, the Wealth Strategies category promises "a group of unique industry financial influencers help you achieve your wealth management goals," but the videos have no wealth management information. The four videos are also found in other categories and have titles like "Holistic Approach to Medicine" and "Strength with No Limits." Similarly, the Global Cuisine category ("culinary geniuses and their foods, spices, techniques and recipes") has only one food video.

In fact, most of the videos on this channel are duplicated across all categories and consist mostly of episodes of a YouTube series called Health Fit and some videos on holistic medicine.

-- Information is current as of September 4, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: The Health Is Wealth Network is your new healthy lifestyle network designed to educate and empower people to live a healthier lifestyle. Introducing viewers to amazing chefs, incredible fitness professionals and trainers, brilliant therapist and doctors, life and wellness coaches as well as wealth specialists. The Health Is Wealth Network is the first global network to address the whole person. The network will take you on a journey around the world sharing with you new flavors and cooking methods, concepts and ideas as well as fantastic tools and health information to help you live your best and healthiest life.

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