HARDCORE STREAMING offers R-rated and other movies that are more suitable for adult viewing than for family night, with categories that include Bikini Babes, Laughs, It's 4/20 Somewhere, and Creature Features. Titles include Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody, a 1996 comedy in which bathing-suit contests and man-watching are all in a day's work for three curvaceous lifeguards on beach patrol; National Lampoon's Snatched, a 2018 comedy about a nice guy who goes into the hospital for surgery and through a series of mishaps suffers every man's worst nightmare; and A Dangerous Man, a 2009 action/adventure/suspense film in which, after 14 years in special ops and 6 years wrongfully imprisoned, a man is in the middle of a corrupt Chinese police shootout saving a Russian gangster's son and liberating a Chinese girl.

-- Information is current as of January 11, 2024

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