Quick Look: Glam currently contains just seven videos, found in the following categories:

  • My Life - 1 video about people living out their passions
  • Haute Havens - 2 videos that explore the most interesting homes from celebrities to artists
  • 100 years - 1 video that takes a look at the evolution of fashion, toys and more over the last 100 years
  • Style Spotting - 2 videos that feature discussions with designers, models and beauty professionals
  • Counter Culture - Takes a look at food recipes and cocktails that you can create at home

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-- Information is current as of March 14, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Glam offers a 360-degree approach to informative lifestyle content that cuts through the clutter to provide you with inspiration, tips, trends, exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes, around-the-world access from the comfort of your own home. Tour luxe celebrity homes, recreate recipes from top chefs, and spot fashion week and street-style trends from across the globe in our diverse and thought-provoking series that cover everything from fashion to beauty, home decor, food, and culture. In addition to trends, dive right into the lives of the remarkable people that walk among us through in-depth personal documentaries that are bound to inspire as they unveil some of the most interesting careers and passions of individuals in their everyday lives. Curated by innovative women for innovative women, the channel is a place for individuals to relate, aspire, and be inspired.

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DEVELOPER: 495 Communications

FEES: None

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