GinxTVQuick Look: The GinxTV channel is comprised of several different "Show Trailer" tabs and one streaming channel. The Trailer tabs are just that, commercials describing what the channel is about without providing any useful content. The trailer tabs are as follows: Ginx Channel Trailer, The Essentials Show Trailer, Console Yourself Show Trailer, The First Hour Show Trailer, Planet of the Apps Show Trailer, Gfinity eSports Show Trailer, Most Wanted Show Trailer, Games Evolved Show Trailer, and Ginx Top 40 Show Trailer. The live stream was the only tab that provided any content. Needless to say for $2.00 a month I would like to think I get more than just a single live stream.

There were no game reviews, or any usable content, although the GinxTV website provides game reviews and game highlights in addition to the channel trailers. The GinxTV website is a video game review site that offers candid reviews of newly released and retro video games for your Xbox, Playstation, PC's, and apps for your Smartphones. You wont get any game spoilers here, but you will get honest and unbiased game and app reviews.

-- Information is current as of October 1, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: All The Games, All The Time. Aimed at people who love to play video games. Watch videogaming shows, reviews, previews & features here on Ginx. You can subscribe to our 24/7 TV Channel and watch show trailers on demand.

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FEES: $1.99 monthly Subscription

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