FractalMania is a screensaver that creates and displays fractal images while your Roku is idle. Unlike most screensavers that download images for display, FractalMania creates each image using your Roku's processor, building the image line by line until the fractal display is complete. The screensaver will display the created fractal for a few seconds and then start fresh with a blank screen. Example images are in the screenshots shown below.

The FractalMania description in the Roku channel store warns that the calculations required to create fractal images are intensive and that it may run faster on newer Roku devices.

-- Information is current as of November 14, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: FractalMania is a screensaver that takes your Roku® device back to the 1980's when fractal images were all the rage in computer graphics. This screensaver utilizes your Roku device CPU and creates these images dynamically, meaning no device storage is required on your Roku device for images, and no Internet access is required, saving you precious bandwidth. The FractalMania screensaver can create many different designs and creates them with varying color schemes. Many of the base designs created with AI.

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FEES: $1.99 one-time purchase