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FilmRise Reality TV carries a large library of unscripted TV shows along with food and lifestyle shows, documentaries, biographies, music docs, crime shows, nature films, web series, and much more, including classic albums and live concerts.

Using "reality TV" in the channel name implies that you'll find only shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and Storage Wars. In fact, unscripted TV makes up only a relatively small portion of the content here (and the only shows recognizable to us were a couple of Hell's Kitchen series). More interesting are current staff picks like Finding Oscar (2016), a feature-length documentary about the search for justice in the devastating case of the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala; and featured documentaries like Cover Up Amerikants (2002), which uses KGB files, declassified documents and interviews with survivors to tell what happened to Americans who went to the Soviet Union for the promise of work during The Great Depression but became victims of Stalin's paranoia, with some being executed and others dying of starvation in labor camps.

-- Information is current as of September 8, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: FilmRise Unscripted is proud to offer an impressive array of full-length reality shows, YouTube series and documentaries — all available to stream INSTANTLY! Witness the untamed tales of "detective" show CHEATERS, the ultimate binge experience with over 300 episodes! If you can't get enough of real-life stories caught on camera, FilmRise Unscripted is also home to thrilling true crime series TO SERVE AND PROTECT, the whacky AMERICA'S DUMBEST CRIMINALS and the trending true stories behind history’s most infamous criminals in WORLD’S MOST EVIL KILLERS.

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