FilmRise Paranormal

Quick Look: FilmRise Paranormal offers a varied selection of mostly B-movie and straight to video occult/paranormal movies. However, not all of the content was created on the back lot of a low budget Hollywood set. There are a few documentaries featuring UFO's and Alien Encounters, Ghost Stories, Exploring the Ancient Mysteries of the world, Life after Death and The Holy Grail. The available movies fall into creatively titled genres of horror including:

  • They're Here - Flesh Eating Mothers, The Boogey Man
  • Strange Cinema - I Eat Your Skin, The Brother from Another Planet, and The Mind Snatchers featuring Christopher Walken
  • Strange Series - Urban Legends, Great British Ghosts and Tales of the Unexplained
  • From Another Planet - Roswell Top Secret, Dreamland Area 51 and Alien Encounters
  • Beyond the Grave - Zombie Hell House, Asylum and The House of Seven Corpses
  • Devils and Demons - 666 Revealed, Demon Witch Child and Angels and Demons Revealed
  • Don't Watch Alone - The Attic, Satan's School for Girls and Fiend
  • Scary but Steamy! - Caligula Reincarnated as Hitler, maniac Nurses and The Horrible Sexy Vampire
  • Just Plain Weird - The Secret KGB Psychic Files, Holes in Heaven and Secrets of the Unknown

The movies run unedited in their original format, making some of the content inappropriate for younger audiences. The channel is also ad-sponsored.

-- Information is current as of August 24, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: FilmRise Paranormal offers unlimited FREE instant streaming of the most spine-tingling supernatural and otherworldly science fiction entertainment. Enjoy horror classics, acclaimed sci-fi documentaries, captivating reality TV, cult favorites and more. Experience the unexplained, absolutely free!

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DEVELOPER: Float Left Interactive

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