Dog Nation TV

Quick Look: Dog Nation TV currently has 21 videos on training and raising dogs, with content categories that include Dog Training for Children and Bringing a New Dog Home. Titles include "How to Meet a New Dog," "Manners at Mealtime," and "Setting Up YOur Dog's Exercise Routine." Although there is an introductory video from Dog Nation TV, the website shown in that video is a parked domain and all but one of the remaining videos are sourced from the YouTube channel Good Dog in a Box.

One of the videos available on this channel, "Poop Patrol," can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of January 15, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: We want to teach the next generation what it means to be a responsible pet owner. If more children understand what a pet needs every day and that a pet is for life, we feel there won’t be so many pets in our animal shelters and rescues. The “Being a Responsible Pet Owner” video series is made just for kids, to teach them what their pet really needs.

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DEVELOPER: Quantom TV Network

FEES: None