DIY Ocean Projects

Quick Look: DIY Ocean Projects from the DIY Ocean YouTube channel focuses on using recycled cardboard and cardboard boxes to make any number of things. Some of these projects are a little ridiculous like "How to Make a Cardboard Safe," "Cold Drink Dispenser," and a "Foosball Table." Of course, these projects are anything but weatherproof. Other videos include more practical projects such as "Plinko Game," "Desk Organizer," "Tape Dispenser," "Marble Maze," and a "Connect Four" game. One of the many videos found on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 21, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: It’s a real ocean of ideas and countless DIYs. You’d never guess how many cute and funny things you can craft using only several tools and household materials. Now you know where to direct your creativity and handcrafting skills, in case you don’t have such, this channel will be your finest handbook on how to develop this talent.
In fact, this is easy-peasy tutorials about how to make hundreds of amazing hand-made games by using only one basic element – cardboard. Also, you’ll need scissors, glue and some other stuff from the list. Parents can craft safe eco-friendly toys for their kids or maybe you can spend pastime crafting as a family team. There are no limits or sticking-points detailed assistance is guaranteed. Surely, you are welcome to offer your unique ideas or designs, give us feedback and discuss tutorials with other subscribers.
Visit DIY Ocean Projects channel and load how to design Marble maze game, toy gun, ping pong game, Pinball game machine, mini golf game, Halloween scary, and other cool stuff. Try several tutorials and pin your comment about it.

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