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Quick Look: DittyTV is best described by their own website, which states that "DittyTV provides a place to discover unique, ground breaking artists while providing a forum for those artists, their stories, and their passions. Our shows highlight great musical communities, covering it’s artists, issues, and inspirations from around the world - and around the corner... Our distinct, original music focused programming includes live in-studio performances, live request shows from current and classic performances from our extensive media library, live interactive discussions and interviews, educational programs, and much more. Our live music performance showcases are produced and broadcast from our intimate performance theater in front of a live in-studio audience."

DittyTV's Roku channel features videos in four categories:

  • Great Plains - Folk and America
  • The Gravel Road - Blues and more blues
  • The Beat Down - Behind the scenes Artists Interviews
  • DittyU - Music Education

Unfortunately, the DittyTV live stream, which often broadcast live shows, is not available on the Roku channel. However, the video-on-demand shows offer high quality video and sound.

Developer's Channel Description: DittyTV is a leading music-focused broadcast network for the Internet generation. We create, produce, and broadcast community-driven programs focused around original, local-based music.

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DEVELOPER: Memphis Studios - Ditty TV

FEES: None

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