Digital Window

Digital Window is a high-priced screensaver that lets subscribers select from 45 photo collections such as Animals & Insects, Art, Beaches, Christmas, Fences, and Floral. Each collection includes beautiful high-resolution photos of the selected topic. Each photo displays for just over 30 seconds. You can't change the display time or the transition, but you can enable a clock; if you do so, you can select from five different fonts and choose to show the date and time or just the date. Additional options allow you to display snowflakes dropping down the screen and a five-day weather forecast along the bottom of the screen for the zip code of your choosing. Unfortunately, turning on the time and weather overlays had the effect of dimming the brightness on the underlying photo when we tested this app.

In addition to acting as a screensaver, this channel can be manually launched from your Roku's home screen anytime you wish to view it.

To set this screensaver to activate when your Roku is idle, install the screensaver then go to Settings from your Roku's home screen and select Theme >> Screensavers >> select the screensaver >> Set as screensaver. You can also manually activate the screensaver by launching it from your Roku's home screen like any other channel.

If $25 per year seems like too much to spend on a Roku screensaver, we recommend any of the OKKO screensavers, which are free with the option of displaying the current time, and you also can change the delay between slides. A weather widget is also available for $0.99/month or $7.99/year (both with a 2-day free trial), or $9.99 lifetime.

-- Information is current as of September 23, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Bring the outside world in.

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DEVELOPER: Stegman Company LLC

FEES: $24.99/year after a 7-day free trial. To avoid being charged, cancel before the end of the trial period at