Dance Network

Quick Look: Dance Network is solely dedicated to the art of dance. Regardless of the age of the participants or the style of the dance, the channel covers it all. There are numerous categories, which include:

  • Keep Calm and Watch Docs (Dance Documentaries)
  • It's OK Binge, It's only T.V.
  • For dances By Dancers
  • Stop Watching, Start Dancing
  • Dance Prime
  • Millennial Mashup
  • Dance Nostalgia
  • Little Dancers

One problem with the channel is the user interface. Once you have chosen a category you can not go back to the channel's home page to view the categories. Pressing the back button sends you back to your home screen which is rather annoying.

Below is a sample video from Dance Network.

-- Information is current as of January 13, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Dance Network, the first channel devoted entirely to dance-related programming.

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DEVELOPER: Dance Network

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