Crunch+ has over 100 workouts, with featured collections that include Recharge: 24-Class Challenge (24 items), The 40 Best Beginner Workouts (52 items), Runners Essential Training (20 items), and Push Point - Strength Training (5 items). Popular video titles, each of which are roughly a half-hour in length, include "Broadway Dance - Jen B," "ABC Quickie - Jessica C," and "Arms & Core - Brookelyn S."

The app includes a Free Preview section with 12 videos (look under the Popular Collections heading) and you can also find free Cruch+ videos here.

-- Information is current as of March 1, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Experience the best 100+ online workouts inspired by Crunch Gym's popular classes ranging from total body BootCamp and dance cardio to pilates, yoga, barre, and more. Workouts are led by Crunch’s top instructors and feature real members. Crunch+ will feature on-demand workouts as well as live classes covering a variety of fitness classes. Start with a 14-day free trial. Classes range from 10-50 minutes. Create playlists of your favorites classesLive & On-Demand classes.

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DEVELOPER: Crunch Plus

FEES: All Access with 14-day Free Trial $6.99/month, Crunch Gym Member Exclusive 30-day free Trial, $1.99/month