Cozy Fireplace and Snow

Quick Look: The Cozy Fireplace and Snow is an ambience channel that offers two viewing options; you can view either a "Crackling Fireplace Scene" or assorted snowy winter scenes.

Cozy Fire streams a video of burning logs in a fireplace and offers listening options that include "A Fire with Piano music and crackling sounds," "A Fire with Holiday music and crackling sounds," "A Fire with classical music and crackling sounds," and "A Fire with Amazing crackling sounds."

"Beautiful Snow Scenes Await" starts off with a short video or two of snow scenes and then locks onto a single still photo. Soundtracks include "Jingle music with snow sounds," "Relax snow sounds and romantic music," "Snow relaxation experience with gentle snow sounds," "Winter shops and snow bliss," and "Snow, heavenly snow."

Of course you can't see any of this until sit through at least 3-5 commercials, sometimes more - and sometimes it's the same 30-second commercial over and over and over. We were unable to determine how long the videos last, hitting the Pause button did not yield any information. If you want to change the soundtrack for the fireplace or scenery on the Beautiful Snow Scenes Await use the fast-forward button on your remote, but you will have to sit through several more commercials before the next soundtrack starts.

-- Information is current as of October 21, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Choose a cozy, roaring fire OR a quaint Winter Scene for the ultimate of relaxation experiences! Enjoy video of snow capped mountains, winter forests, still, stunning photography with snow sounds! Relax to long running videos of a fireplace with the sounds of a crackling fire to warm your soul!

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