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Quick Look: CMS Archives, aka Classic Metal Show, is part of The CMS Network that discusses every aspect of heavy metal music and bands. The channel contains 40 audio-only programs and segments from some of their more popular shows. Content includes The Worst Albums of All Time, 10 Worst Heavy Metal Albums, Interview with L.A. Guns Drummer, Douchiest Guitarists of All Time, and Skid Row Just Doesn't like Sebastian Bach.

A more updated version of this channel can be found on the The CMS Network Roku channel. The CMS Network YouTube channel contains additional content not found on this channel, including the video below.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: The CMS Archives channel is where you will find all of our show archives that we've posted since 1996. This is a growing archive that we are creating, so new classics will be added all the time! Tune in LIVE on Saturdays from 9pm to 3am EST. Get all our episodes and highlights at

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DEVELOPER: chrisakin

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