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Quick Look: ChiroPraise TV is an app that allows medical offices the ability to create a unique waiting room experience by providing custom tailored videos for their patients which can be updated as much as desired. If you are interested in this channel you will need to contact ChiroPraise to set up an appointment and consultation. If you do not have an active account there is no "viewable" content on this channel and no reason to add it.

-- Information is current as of September 2, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Show patients the POWER of chiropractic in your waiting room by streaming a playlist of custom videos about YOUR clinic! Patient Testimonials, Educational Videos from the doctors, and explanation of services offered...just to name a few. We personally help you build the perfect playlist for your clinic. Checkout to get started today!

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DEVELOPER: Chiro Praise

FEES: Channel requires you to contact the content provider for an appointment and consultation

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