Chill Cafe Sounds

Quick Look: Let yourself unwind with the soothing sounds found on Chill Cafe Sounds channel. The channel features many different soundtracks to help you relax and sleep better or focus on the task at hand, whether it be studying, working or just planning out your day. Each of the 53 available soundtracks is accompanied by a calming static image for you to focus on.

There are thre main categories of content available: Before Sleeping, Music for Working or Studying, and Soft Music. Many, if not all of the videos are short, usually 15 minutes or less, unlike many other channels whose soundtracks last for hours and are often interrupted by commercials.

-- Information is current as of July 13, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Amazing chill-out music and pure sounds of nature. This channel is focused on relaxing and easing off stress. Hundreds of hours to calm down and have a nice time. Download today to enjoy!

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DEVELOPER: Bitabeats Media Ltd Corp.

FEES: None