Calm Meditation

Quick Look: Calm Meditation offers 13 short videos that are designed to "Calm your mind with peaceful still videos." The 13 videos are all relatively short, just a couple of minutes each. The scenes are rather odd for meditation videos, having been recorded in an urban setting and featuring such things as a concrete flood control spillway, a roadside drainage ditch, and a poorly-maintained weed-lined street next to a multistory parking garage.

-- Information is current as of April 5, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Contains short videos with still scenes from nature and a music background, intended for calming or meditation purposes. When you're stressed out or upset, watch a few videos. As your mind focuses on the small details, let your worries and frustrations float away. The point is not to actively analyze and process thought, but to remove thought and by so doing, internalize the external.

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DEVELOPER: I'd Rather Be Writing

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