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Quick Look: Callanetics TV is a subscription-based fitness/body sculpting channel started by innovator Callan Pinckney. Their secret to the effectiveness of Callanetics is the Pulse, "a tiny, gentle precise movement that is responsible for the sculpting and toning of the muscles. It is this pulsing action, combined with exact positioning and proper body alignment, which makes Callanetics so effective."

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Additional content (video clips) can be found on the Callanetics YouTube channel, where the video below was found.

-- Information is current as of April 18, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: CALLANETICS is a proven and highly effective training method, recommended by thousands who have transformed their bodies in just weeks, using our layered series of precise movement techniques that CALLANETICS is known for. The famous, classic CALLANETICS pulse is the key to producing the fastest results in the shortest possible time safely. You’ll actually see the sculpt action as well as feel it, getting deeper and deeper muscle work to re-shape and re-define your body with every pulse from these simple, yet focused exercises.
With our CALLANETICS programs, you’ll fire up your core and so much more, using both isolated and dynamic movements to target the parts of your body you want to work the most-legs, rear, hips, arms, back and of course… abs! CALLANETICS is timeless and ageless, suitable for all fitness levels. With minimal to no equipment, you can do our programs

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DEVELOPER: Callanetics

FEES: Monthly Subscription Rate of $9.99