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California Pictures is an international production and distribution company that "is focused on distributing and producing great films and television content with dynamic characters, strong and personally identifiable themes and powerful journeys for a worldwide audience." This Roku channel currently offers 15 of their films, including the following:

  • West Coast Gothic (2023) - Estranged fraternal twins Allen and Allie Foster are reunited by their mother's death, and return to their strange hometown of Obelisk Bay to attend to her lingering matters. Allen, struggling to resolve his latest novel, is enticed by Allie to take a powerful psychotropic drug she calls "the lotus." As if a muse were speaking through him, Allen begins recounting the winding story of a young woman's travels decades earlier. Her life in some ways parallels their own, as she journeys into the desert in search of a statue her own deceased mother left her with an old photograph of. The two lives begin to cross over in unexpected ways, and it becomes apparent that a dark secret at the heart of their old home has far broader ramifications than they could have possibly imagined.
  • Father Africa (2019) - A coming-of-age story that follows the main character, Cameron, as he goes on a journey to meet his real father who he recently discovers is Tanzanian, which opens his eyes to the world, race, and to love. Through a series of events, he realizes you never know who you are until you really know who you are.
  • Rainbow Door (2023) - A writer struggles with a screenplay, death, alcohol, and what color the door should be painted.

A trailer for one of the films available on the California Pictures Roku channel is shown below.

-- Information is current as of February 17, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: California Pictures brings the sunshine to you! Depending on your mood or tastes, we offer the best in inspired independent films, reality and scripted tv series, thought provoking documentaries, and our ever-growing cult classic favorites. A dynamic mix of genres and international productions under the warm glow of the California sun.

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