Bros Of Decay

Quick Look: Bros Of Decay provides videos from the Bros Of Decay YouTube channel, which features two brothers (Lesley And Jordy) who travel around Europe looking for abandoned buildings and other structures. Many of the building explored are located in Belgium, but other locales that include France, Germany and Italy.

Each building is unique and a story can be deduced by what was left behind. Many of the information from investigation of the building's history is provided, such as age of structure, previous owners, brief history of use, etc. Buildings investigated include a 1914 Ice Rink, a monastery in Spain, a German brewery from 1782, and a 17th-century chapel in Poland.

Below is one on the over-100 available videos.

-- Information is current as of February 21, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: We are 2 brothers from Belgium (Lesley And Jordy) who have a real passion for urban exploring. We go on regular urban exploring trips throughout the beautiful continent of Europe and on the way, we film the most amazing abandoned buildings! This ranges from little farm houses to massive abandoned factories and much more . We hate graffiti and we love untouched buildings . I hope you become a subscriber and follow us on our adventure :)

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