BrandStar TV

Quick Look: BrandStar TV markets itself as a channel where "People, Brands and Life come together". The BrandStar TV Roku channel features a live stream that includes the following programs.

The channel also provides a brief on-demand introductory video describing the channel. All content is family-friendly and did not contain any commercials during the course of the channel review. The website has a programming schedule, however it was blank at the time of our review, and the Roku channel does not offer any information on the show currently streaming.

-- Information is current as of June 21, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: We’re a free TV network obsessed with providing viewers with trusted, solutions-driven content that connects brands with people. Our high-quality programming focuses on diverse themes in everyday living, from cooking and home improvement to finance, health and fitness, and much more. Learn more at

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DEVELOPER: Tulix Systems, Inc.

FEES: None

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