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Quick Look: The Box Plus channel description wrongly promises the ability to "watch live TV wherever you are." If you dig into the fine print under the "About" selection from the main menu, you'll find that "the Box Plus app only supports watching programs in the UK." Why it's listed in the American channel store, we don't know, but U.S. users can browse the content to see what we're missing. (I guess this is how users in Canada, the UK and other regions other than the U.S. feel when they see dozens of new channels listed, with few if any working in their own country.)

For UK Roku users, you can watch seven live-stream channels: The Box, Box Upfront, Box Hits, 4Music, Kiss, Magic, and Kerrang! There are also a number of short videos, episodes of two series (Not Safe wit Nikki Glaser and Real Husbands of Hollywood), and over a dozen music series like "Crazy For...," "Don't Stop the Party!," "20 Ridiculously Big...," and "Hot 10 in 10."

-- Information is current as of November 15, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Watch live TV wherever you are from our 7 UK channels, The Box, Box Upfront, Box Hits, 4Music, Kiss, Magic, and Kerrang! If that is not enough, we have curated a selection of on demand music and entertainment shows that are hot right now, as well as viral vids from our new digital channel, BeBox.

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