brings classic Canadian game shows to Roku users. The producer of the channel and associated website is Craig Gibson, who says on the website, "I love game shows and my focus is on licensing the digital streaming rights to every classic Canadian game show I can get my hands on and then making it available to you on I'm trying my best to find full seasons of long-lost Canadian game shows that have been unaired for years. And my team produces original game shows that are available only on so we can make new and (hopefully) interesting and fun new formats for game show lovers to watch."

The Roku channel currently carries over two dozen game shows, including the following (descriptions as provided on

  • Let's Make a Deal (Canada) - Starring Canada's own Monty Hall. Dates: 1981-1982; Filmed in Vancouver. We've unearthed 40 master tapes. We've been able to rescue 33 episodes and are trying to fix the other 7 tapes.
  • Love Me Love Me Not - The Game of Love. Women chase men and men chase women around the bonus round daisy for a chance to win a new Pontiac Fiero; Date: 1986; All 130 episodes remain on tape.
  • Uh Oh! Season 4 (2000) - Join Wink Yahoo and the other amazing hosts (including The Punisher) for YTV's hit game show.
  • Fibi's Funny Bones - The kids' improv show where everything is made up right before your eyes! We have every episode from the 1999 season (approximately 65 episodes).
  • Kwacked! (A Original) - Kwacked! is a word puzzle game designed for kids. It is an experimental game show we produced a few years ago in advance of the launch of Lots of ways to improve it but we had fun making it and (most) of the contestants had fun too!
  • Super Pay Cards! - Produced by Nicholson-Muir in Montreal in the early 1980s. Hosted by Art James and Mary Lou Basaraba. The originals do not exist anymore and these streaming episodes were donated by fans.

An example of one of the game shows available on this channel can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of December 29, 2022


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DEVELOPER: Craig Gibson Productions LLC

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