Boats Show TV

Boats Show TV features video tours of 15 boats, such the 389 Meridian Motor Yacht, 48 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge, and Sunseeker 44 Camargue. The channel provides no information other than the make and model. The video sources are unknown, but the title and logo are a modification of those on the Yachts Show website, although no affiliation with that website is claimed.

-- Information is current as of August 24, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Boats Show TV is the ultimate destination for boat and yacht lovers. Whether you are looking for a new boat or a used yacht or want to admire the beauty and luxury of these vessels, we have it all. We feature videos of boats, mega yachts, superyachts, and accessories from manufacturers, dealers, and brokers worldwide.

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DEVELOPER: John Kleemann Inc.

FEES: None