Blue Mermaid Theatre

Quick Look: Blue Mermaid Theatre is a collection of mostly Exploitation and Grindhouse genre films. There are films available here that have not been released on other channels. Some of these film titles include: Faces of Death 1 & 2 (1978, 1981), The Emmanuelle series, (including the original uncut Italian version), and four submissions from the Sexy Shorts series.

Needless to say this channel is not for children as there is a fair amount of nudity and violence. There are currently over 200 movies to choose from with new content promised to be added every Monday.

-- Information is current as of May 11, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to the Blue Mermaid! Here we take you back in time for all the grittiest Grindhouse, Slasher, Exploitation, & Action films. Plus new takes on the genre's by today's best up and coming directors. If you love, Fast Cars, Explosions, Gore, and Beautiful Women, then you'll love The Blue Mermaid!

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DEVELOPER: independent network channel

FEES: None

Closed Captioned Enabled: NA