Black Movie Max

Black Movie Max has a single linear stream of movies and series along with on-demand content in the categories of Action, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Faith, Horror, Romance, and Thriller. "Most Watched" titles at the time of our review included Sex & Hip Hop, an indie documentary about masculine lesbians making their mark in today's male-dominated over-sexualized music industry; Still Valid, a 2020 comedy about a woman who delivers cheat codes to help her people keep up with what's happening and what's coming; and Wedding Swingers, a 2019 RomCom about a successful TV producer who invites his old college friends to his wedding and reunion weekend in Palm Springs but long-held secrets and buried passions are exposed when he and his old college crush get lost in the desert and the other guests are left to themselves.

-- Information is current as of September 29, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Black Movie Max is a FAST channel that features high-quality ORIGINAL SERIES.

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DEVELOPER: BlackGold Media Partners

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