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Quick Look:BizLynks TV Network features 7 video categories:

That's My Biz - Talk show format hosted by R. Pamela Alexander featuring guests showcasing their business bringing awareness to the products, services and special causes of local businesses and organizations

Let's talk Nonprofits - Talk show format hosted by Nash Alexander III featuring nonprofit thought leaders, sector experts, organizations, and philanthropists that" generates a wealth of information to engage the nonprofit from idea to strategic planning, execution to evaluation, retooling to effective impact."

Renew with Sherri - A health and wellness show

Living Optimally with Pamela Jones - "Sull of everyday quick and easy ideas that you can easily apply to live a more fulfilling life."

disAbilityLifeTV - "A hands-on look at architectural, attitudinal, athletic and academic from the inside/out creating community through activism, advocacy, and truth."

Inspired with Christopher Williams - "An educational, informative and empowering show to help you achieve your business and personal goals."

Conflict, Mediation and You - "This show is designed to equip mediators and conflict managers with tools to succeed, to grow the mediation industry and create quality controls while making justice accessible to all through the mediation community."

-- Information is current as of November 6, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: BizLynks TV Network (BTVN) is an online video platform featuring dynamic programming designed to inform and educate entrepreneurs, small businesses, associations and nonprofits. Topics discussed include health and wellness, technology, business growth and development.

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