Binge TV

Quick Look: Binge TV is a collection of videos from several other standalone Roku channels in a multitude of genres that include the following:

  • Talk Shows - 16 available options including The Dotcom Magazine, Best Sex and Love Life, The Design Tourist and Inspired Choices Network
  • Films - 6 options including Must See Movies, Festiflix, A+ Cinema, Indieflix Shorts
  • Series - 6 independent series including Gym Shorts, Justice Women, ADULTish and One Chaunce TV
  • Food - 13 Cooking channels available including Savor it with Stacey, Firehouse Kitchen, Savor, Nicko's Kitchen and Food Stories
  • Health & Fitness - 5 fitness channels including Yogafit, Bulldog Online Yoga & Fitness and Healing Quest
  • Education - 10 available channels with titles that include Inside Bio Science, Curious, Inside Things and Everyday Elements
  • Entertainment - 21 available options such as Festivals of the World, House of Cards, The Girlfriends House, GenXtra and Homeless Sam & Sally
  • Sports - 3 options including Turnpike Sports, Boxing Central with Al Bernstein and The Summit by High Mtn. Archery
  • Business -13 available titles including Job Search TV, Investor Brand Network, Flixx TV and Broadcast Retirement Network
  • Lifestyle - 5 available titles including Trending Today, The Celestial Spoon and The Lounge
  • Kids - 4 available titles such as Wow Kidz, The Brick Show, Let's Go See and Bogglesox TV

Each available program has varying numbers of episodes or seasons.

-- Information is current as of November 5, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: BINGE TV has all of your viewing favorites from full-feature Indie Films, fitness, fashion, news, cooking, and more. For anything you are in the mood to watch you are in the right place with BINGE. With thousands of titles across movies TV shows documentaries series and more. In our App, you will find new favorites catch up on movies you missed sit down and enjoy access to a huge catalog of films and diverts content. Binge is home to the biggest Hollywood and British blockbusters and classics quirky art-house flicks from around the globe as well as an extensive selection of award-winning films. With loads of movies for kids, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. Binge also has a huge range of lifestyle programmings such as home and garden travel cooking arts and culture and more for those who like to be edu-tained. Here you’ll find the greatest Documentaries about culture food, health, history, religion, politics, nature, music, and more. So download the App and enjoy an unending variety of titles.

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