Best Family Movies Channel

Quick Look: Best Family Movies Channel on Roku contains a collection of vintage public domain movies that really have nothing to do with family entertainment, plus several vintage public domain cartoons starring Bugs Bunny, Popeye the Sailor, and Caspar the Friendly Ghost. You might recognize many of the title from several other Roku channels. Titles include the 1912 French silent film The Conquest of the Pole (À la conquête du pôle); Breakfast in Hollywood, also known as The Mad Hatter, which is a 1946 comedy film about woman comes to Hollywood to meet her fiancé but meets a sailor who was a friend of her fiancé; and the 1939 Popeye and Bluto cartoon "Customers Wanted."

-- Information is current as of November 20, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: What do you like to watch best when having a family gathering? While the kids will cry for a cartoon, the older audience may want a comedy. Why don’t you combine the effort and give everybody the exact thing they want? Best Family Movies Channel can become your absolute lifesaver! It houses a collection of family-friendly films and animated movies suitable for all ages. The legendary “Wizard of Oz,” “Jungle Book,” “Hollywood Capers,” “Tarzan’s Revenge,” and “Gulliver’s Travel” are likely to brighten your mood and make a movie night unforgettable, especially for children.

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