Best Christmas Channel Ever 19

Quick Look: The Best Christmas Channel Ever 19 is the 2019 iteration of a series of 'Best Christmas Channel Ever' Roku channels. The year's version consists of a link that will take you to the 2018 version, Best Christmas Channel Ever 3, and a live stream of that programming, which includes a wide variety of classic Christmas-themed programming, animated specials, and vintage commercials. Shows viewed during our review included The Jack Benny Show, Aesops Fables, Favorite Toys from the 1960s, and The Howdy Doody Show.

VOD offerings from the 2018 collection includes the following:

  • Christmas Party Background - 17 Yule Log and Fireplace scenes with or without music, windows and virtual fires
  • Snowy Cabin and Cowboys Christmas Originals - 7 Western-themed "Windows" and holiday specials
  • Christmas TV Episodes - Christmas specials from many different classic shows including The Beverly Hillbillies, Jack Benny, Petticoat Junction and Robin Hood, just to name a few
  • Christmas Radio - 7 vintage Christmas Radio shows
  • Christmas TV Specials - Bing Crosby, Howdy Doody, Your Hit Parade and Lawrence Welk
  • Christmas Movies - 15 movies including Scrooge, Santa Claus vs The Zombies and The Littlest Angel
  • Christmas Cartoons - 8 episodes from Aesops Fables, Merri Melodies and a Russian Christmas Cartoon
  • Classic Christmas Commercials - 5 available
  • Vintage Commercials - 5 available
  • Toy Reviews - 7 unboxing videos from Play Doh, Minions and Power Rangers
  • Not Holiday But Fun Shows Anyways - 5 vintage programs from the Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy and Little Rascals

Although the 2018 video collection is included on this channel, the standalone channel from 2018 was not working at the time of our review, although it is still listed in the Roku channel store.

-- Information is current as of November 15, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: The Best Christmas Channel Ever is back for 2019. This year's channel features even more of the movies, shows and original programs you love.

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DEVELOPER: Moturoais Corporation

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