Berniebealefilms BBFTV

Berniebealefilms BBFTV has a small library of just six movies, only two of which require a subscription. Titles include
Just 4 Us (2022), a short film about a high school basketball star who is struggling with a lifestyle identity crisis with one final game before the championship finals; and Wellspring the Movie, in which a daughter wishes and prays for her Mother to love her and say the magic words I Love You to her.

The channel also includes short movie highlights of 2 to 3 minutes each, trailers for the full-length movies on this channel, and several interviews, only one of which is longer than two minutes.

-- Information is current as of June 16, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: BBFTV is a family-centered streaming entertainment platform. Providing a faith-based entertainment platform with top-quality movies and television shows for everyone, we offer unraveling and exciting top-quality content for everyone to enjoy! Streaming innovating and impacting family and friendly content for everyone to enjoy watching while captivating the next generation of new ideas and projects we specialize in all genres: Drama, Family & Faith, Comedy, Action, Romance, and Thrillers. We are impacting and transforming voices of the next generation. As a member, you will be enhancing your media content. So come on and get your laugh on!

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FEES: $3.99/month or $84.99/year through the Roku channel, or $60.00 annually through the BBFTV website