Beatbox battle

Quick Look: For those of you not familiar with the art of beatboxing, the video found below sums up what it is all about.

The Beatbox battle Roku channel features 131 categories and over 1,000 videos of beatbox battles, events and championships from around the world. Events date back to 2008. Countries include Germany, Japan, Romania, Scotland and Bulgaria, to name just a few.

Below is the 2015 World BeatBox Championship from Berlin found on the BeatBox TV YouTube channel,

-- Information is current as of January 11, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Beatbox Battle TV was founded 2002 in Berlin, Germany as urban culture video magazine. The producers are specializing on event live broadcasting and music video documentaries. The main focus is on the production of the Beatbox Battle World Championship event series

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DEVELOPER: Aveza Tech Private Limited

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