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Ancient Ayurveda

Quick Look: Ancient Ayurveda on Roku is a series of 11 videos that purport to discuss the Ayurvedic method of holistic healing of your body from within by "consuming healing foods, living a balanced lifestyle, and working towards inner peace". The videos consist of short slide shows, with the text read out loud, describing how this can be achieved.

We at are not well-versed in this ancient system of medicine that started on the Indian subcontinent, but one would assume that a slideshow such as this barely scratches the surface of actual Ayurvedic practice.

-- Information is current as of December 6, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Are You Ready to Unlock the 5,000 Year-Old Science of Healthy Living and Self-Healing? Now Yours: A Whole System To Stay Healthy, Get Better Mental Focus,
Promote Inner Peace and Clarity, Slow Down Aging, and Attain a Life of Balance… It’s Time For You To Enjoy Better Health, Mental Focus, Peace, Slowed Aging, and a Balanced Way of Living...

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