Ambient Relaxation Channel

Quick Look: Ambient Relaxation Channel offers over three dozen videos that provide relaxing or themed background videos. The relaxation videos include the 4-hour Candle Light Night Background with Music, which lets you "enjoy the relaxing and illuminating glow of candles as they fill the room," and Ambien Asian Koi Pond, which combines "the sights and sounds of an Asian koi pond with the soft sounds of water and background music."

Themed background videos include birthday party backgrounds and Las Vegas scenics. You'll even find some videos for your dog to watch while your gone, including a dog pool party.

One of the videos found on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of December 20, 2019

Developer's Channel Description: Ambient Relaxation Films to make your enjoy, relax or fall asleep.

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DEVELOPER: Ambient Relaxation Studio

FEES: None