Quick Look: The Roku channel features episodes of six video podcasts on technical topics from

  • MacMinute - "Mike Myers will start with the very basics and work up until you are a confident Mac user. MacMinute, like the name is targeted to teach a new mac nugget in about a minute."
  • Let's Make It! - "A show that is all about making things, in particular electronic things. During this show we will be using things like Arduinos, PIC chips and Raspberry Pie's to make all kinds of electronic gadgets. We are making these gadgets to learn how they work. Not technical, not to worry, we are going to start really simple and teach you as we go along. All it requires is a desire to want to learn some programming and electronics."
  • New Media Tech - "A show based around our new studio and what it takes to build and operate a new media studio and production."
  • Church Technology - "All about the technology that helps you build a growing and effective ministry. Church-Tech will focus on the new and emerging technologies that you can use in your ministry. Everything from sound, video and other creative arts to computer systems, phones, digital signage, kids safety and more."
  • Security Decoded - "Covers the recent threats and news in the Enterprise Security realm. Security Decoded is a mix of news, technical details of threats, some possible reverse engineering and the occasional product review as well."
  • Security 101 - "We will explain in basic terms how the latest malware and threats are working and what the creators get out of it. The entire malware and virus community has changed over the past few years."

-- Information is current as of November 22, 2013

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