AIM Christian Television

Quick Look: AIM Christian Television has a rather limited library of music videos. The channel offers six categories to choose from with all but the first having only one video each. The videos and other content are categorized as follows:

  • Churches - 5 musical performances from assorted church "bands" and 5 sermons for assorted churches
  • Brackets - 2-minute music video
  • Driving Vicarious - 52-second video
  • Indie Artist Showcase - lLess than 2-minute video
  • Featured Sermon - 53-second of preaching from Randy Frazee
  • Concert of the Week - 24 minute concert from a "Northview Christmas"

-- Information is current as of November 22, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Featuring content sourced from Mega and Local churches across the country. Shows range from weekly Sunday sermons and worship to more in-depth segments like marriage wellness, financial planning and freedom, kids entertainment, and automotive segments.

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DEVELOPER: Marc Gilliatt

FEES: None