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Series include Pilot Stories: Military - Military pilots talk about their experiences in the cockpit; The Challenge of Flight - The real story of what military flying is all about... [with] unbelievable footage of pilot and aircraft in terrifying moments of flight; and Creating Scrappy with Mike Patey - Come into the workshop where Mike Patey sources airplane parts from all over to create the ultimate bush plane "Scrappy."

You'll also find documentaries like Alaska: Forever Wild - A true-life adventure story for three separate people who ventured deep into the remote bush of Alaska to pursue their lifelong dreams of living off the grid; Destined to Fly - An aviation documentary about Cole Palen, the founder of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, founded in 1958 as Cole's passion and vision to build, repair and fly antique airplanes transcends generations through his historical legacy and enthusiasm for flight; and Don't Look Down - The true story behind entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson's daring adventures in flying across the ocean in a hot air balloon

-- Information is current as of January 12, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: From warbirds to biplanes to general aviation, Aeroverse has documentaries, TV shows, and hit youtubers all in one place and commercial free!

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