ADULTING is not a channel about being "responsible and grownup," which is what "adulting" usually means. Rather, the channel name refers to the adult content found on this channel, with a mix of adult-themed films like the "sex filled comedy farce" Busty Co-eds vs. Lusty Cheerleaders (2011) and Sexy Wives Sinsations (2013), an erotic thriller set in a sex clinic, along with more family-friendly classic Westerns like Angel and the Badman (1947) starring John Wayne and Hopalong Cassidy: Texas Trail (1937).

In between skin and vintage black-and-white you'll find several Bruce Lee films, a series called "Champagne Showgirls", episodes of "Robocop" and "Future Quest", and a number of other series and films. The channel also lists "18+" categories that include Adult Sexy Movies and Girls Gone Wild, but no content for these categories is shown.

You can browse the channel's content for free, but streaming is locked until you subscribe, which requires that you allow Roku to share your name and email address with the channel developer.

-- Information is current as of August 3, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Adulting is your front row seat for the the movies and shows just for you.

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DEVELOPER: Stream Go Broadcasting

FEES: $2.99/month