Abacus.fm Quick Look: : The Abacus.fm channel consists of over 20 audio streams from ranging in content from Classical Music to the Beatles and the Beach Boys. Here is a list of available audio feeds: ABBA, BACH, BEACH BOYS, BEATLES, BEETHOVEN, BOCCHERINI, BRAHMS, BRITISH COMEDY, CHOPIN, CLASSICAL 1, COUNTRY, EARLY MUSIC, EASY 70'S, FRESCOBALDI, MOTZART PIANO, MOTZART SYMPHONY, NATURE, OLDIES, OPERA, OTR CRIMESMOOTH JAZZ, VIVALDI, AND VINTAGE JAZZ. The only setbacks that I can find: The artist and song title are not identified and The occasional commercial interruption.

The channel is free, but donations to this listener-supported service are requested.

-- Information is current as of September 19, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Our free Classical music channels feature the compositions of Beethoven and Mozart as well as many other fine Classical music composers. Abacus.fm relies entirely on your support to stay on the air. Visit us on the web at abacus.fm to become a supporter.

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DEVELOPER: Musiclouds.com

FEES: None

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