What to Watch This Weekend - May 28, 2011

May 28, 2011 - 10:37 -- RokuGuide

I hope you're having a good Memorial Day holiday weekend. Lots of you will be enjoying time away from the house and won't do much Roku watching. If you aren't one of those, read on for my picks and suggestions on what to watch on Roku this weekend.

Inmoo on RokuInmoo offers over 100 free feature-length indie films on its Roku channel. The following films are a few of those currently featured:

  • Perfect Opposites (2004) - The story of two college graduates from the Midwest who move to Los Angeles, where their love is tested for the first time.
  • Some folks call it a Sling Blade (1994) - As a murderer is about to be released from 25 years in a mental institution, he talks to a reporter about his life.
  • Imagination (2002) - A little girl uses her overactive imagination to turn her doll into a real live friend; but when a monster kidnaps her doll, she must enter a dangerous, surreal world to find the monster and rescue her doll.
  • Love The One You're With (2000) - A businessman puts his credit cards and briefcase in the trunk of his car, gets wildly drunk and wakes up to find a girl and nothing else.

Streamin' Garage on RokuIf you're heading out to the movies this Memorial Day weekend, first watch the movie reviews on Streamin' Garage, which just launched it's Roku channel this last week. Recent reviews from the Stupid for Movies series include Bridesmaids, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Thor, and The Beaver.

Tennis Drills & Tips Lite on RokuIf you're going to be out on the tennis court this weekend, pick up some free tips from Tennis Drills & Tips Lite. Topics include taking volley shots, tennis forehand, and tennis backhand. If you find the videos useful, you can subscribe to the full Tennis Drills & Tips Library for a monthly fee.

TED on RokuThe TEDTalks channel (previously titled TED Online) has been updated with a lot more content and offers several hundred videos from TED dating back to 2006. You'll find lots of inspiring and entertaining talks on a wide variety of topics, including science and technology.

RdioI've been taking advantage of a free 7-day trial offer from Rdio. Unlike most music channels, Rdio allows you to select specific albums and songs to listen to, and you can create your own playlists. Read my full review for more information.

New Roku Channels
New Roku ChannelsIf none of my picks interest you, four new Roku channels were added to the Channel Store last Tuesday, and another four were added on Thursday. Try them out and leave comments on the RokuGuide channel pages letting other know what you think about them.